Accident Management

Hire vehicle accident management services - Helping to replace your damaged vehicle

Driving Instructor, Chauffeur or London Taxi Driver or just lost the use of your car. How fast do you need to be back on the road following an accident?

Drive's specialist vehicle hire services can keep you on the road!

You’ll like the way we manage accident claims – we work quickly and we keep things simple.

Accidents cost Professional drivers’ time and money; it’s our job to make sure that doesn’t happen. When a Drive Specialist Hire customer reports a non-fault accident, we move quickly to identify the at-fault party, to talk to the third-party insurer and to confirm liability.

We provide our customers with a like-for-like rental vehicle, ether a vehicle licensed by the PCO/Local/County Council and insured for ‘hire-and-reward’ (all Regions of the UK) or a dual control vehicle for an ADi approved driving instructor. We handle all correspondence with the at-fault party and third-party insurer; then we recover the vehicle rental costs. It’s as straightforward as that – we get on with our job so you can get on with yours.

What is Credit Hire?

Credit Hire is the provision of a replacement Hire Vehicle were the cost of the replacement vehicle can be recovered from the at-fault drivers insurer following a Non-Fault Accident. Drive Car Hire Would Hire the vehicle directly to you however, we would defer payment for a maximum of 51 weeks to allow the cost to be recovered from the Third-party insurer.

A credit hire agreement is an agreement entered between (you) and a credit hire Provider (Drive Car Hire Limited). Drive Car Hire provides a replacement vehicle when your vehicle is damaged in a Non-Fault incident. The period of hire would commence from when the damaged vehicle is being repaired and/or waiting to be declared a total loss.

The vehicle will be provided on a credit basis. This reflects the fact that after the third party has paid the credit hire charges to the credit hire provider once the hire period has ended, the credit hire provider will seek to recover these costs from the at fault party or his insurer. In reality, whilst the third party is technically liable for the costs of the hire, these charges are never actually paid by him but rather, will be paid by the at fault party Insurer directly to the credit hire provider.

A credit hire agreement is not a regulated agreement pursuant to the Consumer Credit Act 1974 (1974 Act). Instead, the normal contractual principles such as offer and acceptance apply.